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Put your skills to the test with Fraud Force: Truth or Fraud?, a competitive, fast-paced game. Here’s the deal: A ring of fraudsters has infiltrated the intergalactic digital marketplace. These interstellar swindlers are purchasing supplies using stolen credit from the empire’s unsuspecting citizens. Can you distinguish between good customers and fraudsters and halt their nefarious schemes before it’s too late?


Whether you’re a fraud-fighting novice or a seasoned expert, Fraud Lab brings you original and curated content that’ll fortify your ability to tackle fraud.

Get started with ‘Measure What Matters’—a free, on-demand video series hosted by experts. You’ll learn which metrics matter, how to measure them, and — most critically — how to communicate them in a way others can understand.


A think tank for new ideas, Fraud Lab brings together fraud and payments leaders from innovative, revenue-focused e-commerce companies to collaborate and learn from each other. Fraud Lab is in five cities and counting, and each group meets quarterly in-person.

3 rules of Fraud Lab:

  1. Meetings are run under Chatham House Rules (absolute confidentiality)
  2. There are no sponsors, presentations, or pitches
  3. All members come prepared to share their ideas, challenges, and solutions

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